Science of sound

I saw Odesza perform last night at the Garrick Centre. Odesza is made up of the electronic music duo Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. Odesza isn’t an EDM style of group–I would consider most of their work downtempo–but last night they sure did drop the bass.

There were lights, there were drums, there were trumpets and trombones. I’ve been to concerts before where you can not only hear the bass, but also feel it, and last night’s show was similar–except Odesza was more intense. It felt like you ate the bass. I could honestly feel the pulse travelling through my esophagus.

Seeing the band, the music, the people got me thinking about sound and how fascinating it is–you can hear it, you can feel it.

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Swimmer’s itch

Is Winnipeg’s first major snowfall of the season getting to you? Sunny ways are ahead, my friends.

Imagine it’s a beautiful summer day, and you head to your favourite beach. You lay out your towel, slap on sunscreen, and soak up some rays. When you’re sweaty, you head to the water to swim. You feel refreshed. But later in the day, you are red, splotchy, and itchy all over.

You may have swimmer’s itch, or cercarial dermatitis. Schistosomes, or parasitic flatworms, cause the condition. Schistosomes are a couple millimeters long and live in other animals to get nutrients. There are many species of schistosomes, but species in the family Schistosomatidae cause swimmer’s itch. During their life cycle, these schistosomes have two different hosts: a non-human mammal and a mollusk.

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Blundstone: The boot of science


…and fashion and comfort.

I have had my Blunnies for four years. Blundstone is an Australian company that started in 1870. Blundstone is known for its Chelsea boot, which comes in different styles and colours. I have the original style in black.

The boots have good grip, so I don’t slip in the winter.

The boots give support, so I don’t twist my ankle while hiking. (I saw Labrador tea for my first time while hiking in the Whiteshell with my Blundstones. My boots saved my ankles multiple times.)

The boots are comfortable, so I can stand, walk, and dance all day long.

I go everywhere in my boots.

The outside of my boots and part of the inner lining show wear, but I have no major complaints. Let me know your Blundstone experience!

Canada & Science

Justin Trudeau was sworn in as prime minister on Wednesday. He appointed his cabinet, which included one position that made me excited. Canada now has a minister of science. And, get this, she’s a scientist!

Kirsty Duncan, Liberal Party MP for Etobicoke North in Toronto, is a medical geographer and has a PhD in geography. Medical geographers study how geography affects health. It is similar to epidemiology, which is the study of distribution and cause of disease. Duncan has taught at universities and wrote the book Hunting the 1918 Flu: One Scientist’s Search for a Killer Virus about her experience studying the Spanish flu.

Canada has had a minister of innovation, science, and technology (now industry, science, and economic development) and a minister of environment (now environment and climate change). But Duncan is Canada’s first minister of science.

The minister of science will make sure the government does research in areas not currently focused on by universities and businesses says biologist Rees Kassen in Natures article. He says the minister of industry, science, and economic development will “encourage technological innovation in the private sector.”

I’m curious to hear the minister of science’s responsibilities. There isn’t much information out yet.